Our company specializes in...

...the design, implementation and management of full service recycling programs.We can help you select a program that best fits your recycling needs. There are many different ways to reduce operating costs for your organization but our customers know that being green is easy and as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Select a Program

Choose the appropriate recycling program for your facility or organization

2. Collect Recyclables

2. Communicate your recycling plan and start collecting plastic bottles, plastic cups and aluminum cans

3. Get Paid!

You get paid based on the program selection each time we collect materials from you

Program Highlights specific for Sports and Entertainment Venues

  • Provides a tailored program to recycle plastic bottles, plastic cups, glass and aluminum cans from all of your events

  • Provides a reduction in your trash hauling fees while earning money on the collected recyclables

  • Receive monthly reports on captured recyclables from your facility
  • We help in training of facility staff and we are routinely present to oversee post-event recycling efforts

  • All plastic bottles, cups, glass and aluminum cans are sorted at our Southern California facility

  • We strive to maintain a zero % diversion to the landfill by recycling all collected materials